To receive Crew Credit earnings, DSC sales must be reported, on-time, by the Distributor's Program Ambassador.

Base Awards for enrolled DSCs

  • DSCs will only earn Crew Credits on sales to salons currently enrolled in the American Crew Salon Loyalties Program. The DSC must be listed as the account representative for a salon in order to earn credits.
    • If you sell to independent salon accounts, you will earn 1 Crew Credit for every dollar in American Crew products sold to your enrolled salons
    • If you sell to only multi-location/chain accounts, you will earn 1/2 Crew Credit for every dollar in American Crew products sold to your enrolled salons.
  • DSC Crew Credits will be updated once a quarter
*Please check with your American Crew Representative if you are unsure which category you belong to.

Base Awards for enrolled Program Ambassadors

  • Program Ambassadors will only report salon sales. DSCs will earn Crew Credits only for their enrolled salons. Program Ambassadors will earn 20,000 Crew Credits for reporting salon sale information by the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.

Base Awards for enrolled Sales Managers

  • Enrolled Sales Managers will earn a 10% override on Crew Credits earned by DSCs who report to them and are enrolled in the DSC Awards program

Salon Enrollment Bonus
DSCs will receive 2,000 Crew Credits for every new account enrolled in the Salon Loyalties program. To qualify, the salon must be a newly enrolled member, purchase at least $300 in its first quarter as a member and be assigned to you.


  • DSCs, Sales Managers and Program Ambassadors must be enrolled in the DSC Awards program in order to participate and earn any awards and/or Crew Credits
  • DSCs, Sales Managers and Program Ambassadors must be in good standing and employed by their Distributorship at the time awards are redeemed
  • Awards cannot be transferred to others; cash will not be substituted
  • Crew Credits will expire December 31, two years following issuance (for example, Crew Credits issued during 2023 will expire on December 31, 2025)
  • All applicable Federal, State and self-employment taxes will be the responsibility of the recipient; 1099s will be distributed
  • Any issue not specifically covered by the rules contained herein will be decided by American Crew. Such decisions are final. American Crew management reserves the right to make adjustments to the DSC Awards Program as it deems equitable and has final approval of all awards
  • All rules and regulations pertain to U.S. participants only
  • The most current rules are posted on the program website
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  1. How do I enroll in the American Crew DSC Awards Program?
    1. You must be enrolled by your Distributorship's Program Ambassador to start earning Crew Credits for the sale of American Crew products to salons and barber shops. If you need to know who your Program Ambassador is, please contact American Crew Program Headquarters at 888.371.0252.
  2. Who participates in the American Crew DSC Awards Program and how do participants earn awards?
    1. DSCs earn Crew Credits based on: 1) base sales of American Crew products and 2) Distributor specific special promotions and bonus opportunities (to be announced throughout the program). Please see the 'Crew Credit Earnings' section above for more details.

      Sales Managers earn a 10% override on Crew Credits earned by DSCs that are enrolled and report to them.

      Program Ambassadors earn Crew Credits each quarter they report sales/purchases by the 15th of the following month.

  3. How are my quarterly sales reported?
    1. You only earn Crew Credits for salons that are enrolled in the Salon Loyalties program and have you listed as their account representative.

  4. How can I see which of my salons are currently enrolled in the American Crew Salon Loyalties Program?
    1. Once logged into your DSC Award account, go to the "Reports" page and click on "Enrollment", then "Salon Enrollment Report".

  5. How can I claim a salon that does not currently have me listed as their sales consultant?
    1. Contact your Program Ambassador for assistance.

  6. What awards can I receive for the Crew Credits I earn?
    1. Your American Crew online catalog is filled with valuable awards. The more American Crew products you sell, the more Crew Credits you'll earn. It's that simple! Shipping, state and local sales taxes are included. In addition, awards will be offered outside of the catalog for special programs. You will be notified of these opportunities by your American Crew Sales Manager.

  7. How do I determine the number of Crew Credits required to redeem rewards?
    1. All awards are shown on the MyAccounts/Redeem Awards page of the DSC Awards program website. The award description indicates the number of Crew Credits required to redeem that item.

  8. Can I order multiple awards?
    1. Redemption is only limited by the number of Crew Credits you earn or have in your account. You can order a single item (like a big screen TV) or a number of smaller awards for family and friends. Best of all, awards can be shipped anywhere you wish in the United States. If you want to order something for someone in another location within the United States, shipping is included.

  9. What is included in the Crew Credits?
    1. The points include the value of the award, shipping in the U.S. and any state and local sales taxes.

  10. What about income taxes?
    1. 1099's will be issued when required

  11. What is on the program Website?
    1. The program Website is a key communications tool. It will be constantly updated during the year and includes:
      • The latest awards
      • Your personal Crew Credit balance
      • Complete program rules
      • The latest news regarding the program
      Check the program website frequently because it has the latest program information and you never know what new awards will be added that week.

  12. How do I know my Crew Credits balance?
    1. Simply go to the MyAccount/Redeem page of the DSC Awards program website. Then click Statement. There is an online statement which shows a balance that includes your most recent award redemptions.

  13. What is e-mail used for?
    1. Most importantly, your e-mail address is your Username for logging into the DSC Awards Program website. You will also receive monthly program updates at this address. Throughout the year, we will be communicating frequently, announcing special promotions and other exciting news regarding the program via e-mail and printed communications.

  14. What if I don't have an e-mail address?
    1. They are free and easy to set up. You don't need to own a computer to use e-mail. Your Program Ambassador can help you set one up.

  15. What is the role of the Program Ambassador?
    1. The Program Ambassador is the point person within your distributorship and is responsible for enrolling participants in this program. He/she is also responsible for reporting sales and member account purchases in both programs.

  16. How do sales managers participate in the American Crew DSC Awards Program?
    1. Sales Managers need to be set up in the system by their Program Ambassador. Sales Managers earn a 10% override on Crew Credits earned by DSCs that report to them.

  17. Do I earn Crew Credits on d:fi products too?
    1. No. Crew Credits can only be accumulated on reported American Crew product sales.
  18. How will returns affect Crew Credits?
    1. If American Crew products sold to a salon are returned for any reason and points have been credited, those points will be deducted from your account the month following the return.

  19. What if I move, change e-mail addresses, phone numbers or have a name change?
    1. Simply go to the Profile page of the DSC Awards program website and update any personal information.

  20. What if I have any questions or problems (for example, logging on to the program website)?
    1. A friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions. Simply send an e-mail to or call 888-371-0252.
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